Day in the Life of a Harpy 2 1.3

An update? After almost 3 years!?


New Features:

  • Jumps display in UI
  • Collecting 100 hearts heals the player
  • Reaching a checkpoint heals the player


  • Removed deadnames from credits
  • Updated copyright information
  • Flying speed is now much faster
  • Foreground graphics are less intrusive
  • Rotation locked some graphics
  • Music is now quieter
  • UI is more readable now
  • Spirits no longer flash
  • Bread's animation is slower


  • Title screen effects calculation now works properly
  • UI scales as intended
  • Game now has a minimal resolution
  • Stopped sounds overlapping each other


Day in the Life of a Harpy 2 9 MB
Apr 14, 2020

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