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more harpy goodness like harpy gaiden. love the graphics and music. only nitpick is the lack of controller support. it would complete this game.

Are the feather projectiles still in the game if so what level do you get them from and what key on the keyboard activates it?

They are not in the game, sorry!

ok, still nice to know

Wonderful game. I enjoyed this game more than some $20 games. I did make it to the second to last level before I realized that the bread gave me health, but the game feel of this game is so good; that I didn't mind replaying the begining levels in attempt to get health further down to the later levels. (I was on a run to see if 1000 hearts gave me health to see if that gave me full health or something, when I realized that bread gives you health)

The particle effects are so good. Thank you for making this enjoyable game.