Day in the Life of a Harpy 1.1

Was a 3 year omegapause for Harpy 2 not enough for you?
Howabout 4 years for Harpy 1!

New Features:

  • Checkpoints heal the player
  • New Game + that can be accessed from the title using the NG+ code from Harpy Gaiden


  • Player physics adjusted
  • Player now moves faster in the air
  • Bag range adjusted
  • A few songs changed
  • Some bosses have rewritten AIs
  • Game was ported to Game Maker Studio 2
  • Music is now quieter
  • Some flashing effects were toned down
  • Level layouts changed very slightly in Danish Desert and Harpy Mountain
  • Countless more that I've forgotten by now


  • Removed intermission text


  • UI scales as intended
  • Game now has a minimal resolution
  • Stopped sounds overlapping each other
  • Enemy death animation physics less buggy


Day in the Life of a Harpy 11 MB
Apr 21, 2020

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