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Enjoyed your game much on the Vita (Windows version through YoYo Loader).

A bit rough around the edges, but a very solid and enjoyable platformer. Would be better without needing to restart the game to avoid new game after death, and an actual pause menu.

Going to play the second part soon :)

If I die while Im trying to fly I end up starting a new game. Kinda frustrating other than that good game.

i was looking for games where i could play as a harpy, and i came across this adorable gem :D thanks for creating a game like this- i'm looking forward to more harpy adventures in the future, hopefully!! :3


Stay tuned, you won't be disappointed. Don't forget to join our Discord while you're at it!

how do you use the bag or what stage do you get the bag from

The bag can be used by pressing C near an enemy to bag them, then by pressing C again to release a wave of projectiles!


A fun little game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Hey! I played this game all the way through a while back and adored it! It was hard but really enjoyable, great visuals and everything!

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I feel like there was a lot to like about this game - but the health/save/respawn system dealt the overall experience a major blow. Getting past a boss and onto a new world, only to die and go back to half way through the previous world was very frustrating for me. Going back and having only one bar of health got annoying quickly. Also, the style of the mountains level was a bit hard to look at.

On the plus side, the game controlled well, there was a variety of enemies and backgrounds, and I did get to complete the game eventually.

I did a video on the game, which has more "in the moment" thoughts, if anyone wants to watch:


As I've stated before, I'm a sucker for old-school platformers from the 8/16-bit eras. Thankfully, this game scratches my everlasting itch for games from those classic times. It even has that Kirby's Dream Land feel, which is a guilty pleasure of mine.

The gameplay is pretty good, although I would like to have seen a time limit or score functions. The graphics are well-made, the music and sound effects on-point for an 8-bit style game. The controls are a bit odd, specifically the jump button (which made my ring finger cramp. Controller support or use of WASD for movement & other keys for jump/attack/bag (JKL, for example) would've been amazing.

The only thing I have steep criticism for is the death transition. It's WAY too fast. I barely had enough time between my final hit and the title screen to process that I actually died.

Despite everything, this is still a pretty good game. A little bit of tweaking and this will feel exactly like a Game Boy game. Superb job!


This is a really neat game :) It feels very reminiscent of Kirby's Dreamland. Though our protagonist knows not to eat everything in her path :P

I made a let's play as well. I didn't beat it yet, but I hope to next episode. I hope I did your game justice!


I really enjoyed myself playing this! I played it on my YouTube channel, King Zaerdric! I'm not that good at lets plays yet, but none the less, Great game!!!


I honestly found the game pretty fun but is there a healing aspect to the game?

here is a video of my (short)but fun play through: