Harpy Gaiden 1.3

An Update for Harpy Gaiden has been released!


  • Adjusted some enemy placement
  • Improved the credits graphics
  • Adjusted the NPCs that appear in the hidden area
  • Eyeron projectiles now disappear when they hit a wall
  • Updated the icon
  • Added rudimentary controller support

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the hidden boss's fan attack

We're working hard to prepare for all of the Kickstarter's stretch goals, stay tuned, you're gonna get some awesome content!


Harpy Gaiden 1.3.zip 18 MB
Dec 31, 2019

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nice! i remember wishing for controller support back when i played this game the first time a few months ago. happy to report it's working great replaying it with my ps4 controller! although a heads-up: the controller doesnt work on the death screen. but it resumes working after selecting 'continue' or 'title'.

also, there's still the bug where if you die and select 'continue' before reaching the first checkpoint in level 1, the game softlocks on a white screen. don't ask how i know that... uhhhhhhh a FRIEND of mine died before the first checkpoint, not me! ahaha dont look at me man! im good at video games lol!